The Frank Parkinson Trust Almshouses

Frank Parkinson Almshouses consist of 44 one bedroom bungalows, ground floor and first floor flats located off Bingley Lands and Oxford Road in Guiseley.

They provide accommodation for elderly residents who meet the Trust’s eligibility criteria. At the site, on most weekdays there is a Housing Manager who is available to support the residents and is responsible for the day to day running of the site.

The aims for the Frank Parkinson Almshouses:

  • To provide inclusive, low-cost accommodation to older adults (and others by exception) experiencing socio-economic deprivation and/or adverse consequences of increased cost of living registered as living in the wards of Leeds & Bradford.
  • Invest in the local community to help address the wider determinant of health and wellbeing. These include; Green space, transport, infrastructure…
  • Provide educational opportunities for the local population in the fields of information technology and engineering through working with partner organisations (e.g., voluntary and community social enterprises, educational institute).
  • To invest in economic activity that contributes to a sustainable and reliable income to support the charity.
  • Eligibility Criteria for Residents:

  • Registered as living in the wards of Leeds & Bradford.
  • Applicants must demonstrate that they have a housing or support need through completion of the application form and initial needs assessment
  • Owners of housing will generally not be eligible for housing with the Frank Parkinson Yorkshire Trust but there are occasional exceptions to this
  • All applicants will be treated fairly and equally and the trust will not discriminate in terms of gender, race, religion, disability, age, marriage, sexual orientation

  • To apply for accommodation in the Frank Parkinson Almshouses, please write to the address below or call Jayne Johnson on 01943 871655 to request a copy of the application form via the post.

    Estate Manager
    The Office
    26 Frank Parkinson Court
    Bingley Lands
    LS20 9EY

    T: 01943 871655